Paramount Adventures

Group Bookings

Group Bookings for Kayaking, Rock Climbing and More

Paramount’s exciting adventure based group events are ideal for everyone, including:

Bookings can be either one off group events, excursions, extreme challenge days, regular weekly sessions, pre, mid, or end of season, incorporated into school camp programs or for work social or teambuilding events. Activities available include:


Tailor Made Programs to Suit Your Desired Outcome

How we run the activities can be tailored to meet your group’s specific needs. We can run a totally fun social event for your school or work towards more serious outcomes by arranging a program that focuses on areas of personal development, such as improving communication, building trust, problem solving, goal setting and encouraging team participation.


Relax, We’ll Take Care of Everything!

Paramount can also co-ordinate and arrange any catering or transport requirements and organise a variety of accommodation options designed to suit all budgets. These can range from your basic dormitory style lodges to cabins and bush campgrounds. 

Contact Paramount Adventure Centre when planning your next event, excursion or camp and we’ll help ensure it’s not only a memorable experience for all participants but a rewarding one as well.